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Meet Dean Shoshani - "Hizmi"

Fresh Fish and drink made everyday

Dean Shoshani, who’s also nicknamed “hizimi”, started he’s culinary career very early at the age of 20. Following his facinination and passion with the Japanese culture and kitchen, he was looking for the opportunity to develop he’s love and creativity in the field.

Over the years, the culinary repertoire of “hizimi” grew at various private events, for customers who were looking for a different experience of the authentic flavors, and special foods found in traditional Japanese cuisine.

Over the course of 10 years, he developed the culinary skills and knowledge that allowed him to challenge he’s customers' excellent taste, with unique dishes that the Israeli crowd is not familiar with, all through his dedication and uncompromising adherence to the finest raw materials offered by the markets every day.

"In the ‘Lounge’, we have developed a winning formula that will allow you to enjoy a private chef-style" Omakase" meal in accordance with the Japanese tradition, within Jaffa’s exciting atmosphere”- Dean Shoshani

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